cecilia brown is a DOCUMENTARY photographer, filmmaker and  researcher


Cecilia has been shooting analog documentary-style photography since she was 8 years old, trained under professional photographer Stella Johnson.  Recently, she began incorporating digital media and video into her work.   

Cecilia graduated from Connecticut College in 2013 with a BA in Psychology where her love for research developed.  While studying, Cecilia completed and published an honors thesis researching how technological communication is impacting our ability to communicate face-to-face.  

Since then, she has gone on to do research and consulting for a variety of brands (e.g. Verizon, Dannon, Sirius XM and more), working under Sachs Insights and Galileo Research, and interviewing people about their decision-making and life experiences.  She continues to pursue photography and video as a passion.  Both paths fuel her passion for documentary and ethnographic work.

Cecilia currently resides in Portland, OR.